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It’s Possible to Reduce Dementia Risk

Senior_HealthI do everything I can to stay healthy. But, at 75, I just know that Alzheimer’s disease is in my near future, based on my family history. I am so scared and I feel hopeless. I just don’t think there are any answers for me since Alzheimer’s is an incurable...

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Add Daily Fruit to Senior Diet

Senior_HealthMy father lives alone is Medfield, MA. I’m constantly trying to convince him to eat fruit rather than the high calorie desserts he loves so much. He said he feels fine and to quit worrying about him. He’s an adult. And I don’t want to nag. But is there any way I can...

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U.S. Seniors Need Help at Home

Framingham_Home_CareQ: I never thought the day would come – or maybe I just hoped it never would – but there are things around the house I can no longer do myself, like cooking and keeping my home clean and in order. Even tasks such as dressing are becoming more...

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Cognitive Issues Could be Stroke Risk

Ashland_Home_CareI've had heart problems for a number of years, which seem to have led to some cognitive decline that has affected my memory. I’m hanging in there, but struggling to do some of the kinds of things...

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Seniors Should Take Advantage of Morning Brains

In_Home_CareQ. My 88-year-old mother in Worcester County is starting to get a little forgetful. She gets so frustrated trying to do familiar tasks like making a meal and folding laundry. I’m frustrated, too, since I can’t always be there to assist her. Help!

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