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Preventing Senior Hospitalizations During the Winter

Senior CareFrom slipping on ice to catching the flu, there are several things that could cause the elderly to end up in the hospital during the winter. In order to lower the risk of your loved ones needing serious medical care, take the following 4 steps to help prevent...

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How Seniors Can Avoid Isolation this Winter

Senior Home CareWinter weather can make it difficult for seniors to get out and socialize, which increases their risk of becoming isolated. Social isolation can make them more likely to develop depression and affect cognitive function. This snowball effect is why senior home...

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5 Tips to Prevent Senior Falls During Winter Months

Senior CareSidewalks covered in snow and ice makes winter a hazardous time for seniors. Help keep senior loved ones safe this season by taking precautions to prevent falls since the elderly face higher risks of breaking or fracturing bones from slipping or falling and these injuries...

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How Caregivers Can Cope with Winter Stress

Senior Home Care ServicesWinter places an unusual amount of stress on the family caregiver who provides senior home care services. From having to get around in the cold, snowy weather to recovering from the holiday season, it’s easy for those who take care of the elderly to...

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How to Prevent Senior Falls

Q: I’m pretty independent and still live on my own even though I’m 82. I do worry about falling, though, because I know that at my age, I’m more likely to break bones or not be able to get up by myself. What can I do to help avoid falls?

Preventing falls is an important element of safe Senior Home Care, since each year, one out of three adults age 65 and older falls, according to the Centers for Disease...

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5 Tips to Help Prevent Senior Hospitalization

Q: My 77-year-old mother lives alone, and although I help care for her as much as I can, I still worry. Several of her friends have been hospitalized in the past year, for everything from broken bones to complications from the flu. How can I keep her as safe and well as possible?

This is certainly a concern with older adults, who are more vulnerable to accidents, illnesses, or other problems that could result...

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