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Falls Increase Among Elderly

Falls_IncreaseQ: My dad is fiercely independent and is still living on his own in Daytona Beach at age 90. But he is getting so wobbly that I fear for his safety. He’s proud and he’ll only use a walker about half the time. A broken hip is what doctors said led to the death of his mother, who fell at the age...

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Fight Against Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s CareQ: My parents both died of Alzheimer’s disease and now that I’m approaching 80, I am worried the same thing will happen to me. Since my husband died last year, I feel like I’m becoming more forgetful. Could that be a sign of something wrong? Isn’t there anything I can do?


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Cherry Juice Could Combat Insomnia

Senior_HealthQ: Since my husband of 53 years died six months ago, I just haven’t been able to sleep. My house seems so big and empty. My children are worried about me and don’t know how to help. What do you suggest?

You’ve suffered a major loss and a traumatic life event...

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Walking Reduces Death Risk from High Blood Pressure

Worcester_County_Home_CareQ: My blood pressure has been bouncing around for the past few years, especially since I have become a full-time family caregiver to my wife of 52 years. I know I need more help, but it’s so difficult to ask. My children are busy with their own lives. I’m not sure what to...

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Prostate Cancer Choices Deserve Careful Consideration

Senior_Home_CareQ: My father was just diagnosed with prostate cancer that the doctor described as slow growing and non-aggressive. In fact, he has opted for something he calls “active surveillance” or watch and wait. I am concerned about this as I don’t want my dad to get in a situation...

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Caregivers, How To Be A Team Player


CAREGiving is a one-on-one job. During your shift, you're the only Home Instead CAREGiver attending to your client, and completing the necessary care tasks is entirely up to you.

But sometimes you may be one of several...

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Worcester County Senior Safety

Senior_SafetyObserving the safety hazards in a senior’s home is one thing. Living them is another.

It’s not always easy to understand the physical limitations older adults face that could make home a...

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