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Senior Crisis, Are You Prepared?


As a senior care professional in worcester county you've been there before, maybe a hundred times. Sitting across from you: that older adult who's taking so many medications she can't remember them all. Perhaps she can't recall all the names of her various doctors. Maybe he doesn't know whether he has a living will or where it is. You...

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Volunteering is Great for Healthy Aging

What’s the secret to keeping older adults from whiling away their days in a rocker? That’s the million dollar question for any senior care professional who has encouraged, cajoled and begged a senior to keep moving. Inactivity, as many of those who work with seniors know, is one of the biggest obstacles to healthy aging. It appears, though, that a significant motivation to get older adults up and at ’em may come from an unlikely source:...

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Three Senior Mealtime Challenges

Senior_HealthSeniors who live alone face unique challenges when it comes to healthy eating. In addition to being solely responsible for shopping, meal planning and meal preparation, they often encounter emotional obstacles associated with...

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Osteoporosis: An Underlying Culprit

Q:  I feel so silly, tripping over a rug in the entry hallway and falling. I broke a bone that seemed to be a minor thing. In fact, it’s healing pretty well. But my doctors seems to think I am at greater risk. Even though I am 84 years old, I think I’m getting along pretty well on my own at home. Why is he so concerned? ...

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Hearing Loss Could Dampen a Senior’s Social Life

Q:   My 85-year-old father was always the life of the party. Now he seems withdrawn and disinterested in socializing. I thought it was because he was still grieving the death of Mom a year ago. But I also notice that his hearing has gotten worse. Do you think there is a connection? ...

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Quality Sleep Can Prevent Cognitive Decline

Senior_LivingI’ve just retired at 67 and continue to be very active. I’m particularly interested in staying on top of my game mentally, since my 92-year-old father began suffering cognitive decline about 20 years ago. I...

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Caregivers Are Happier When Continuing Hobbies

My husband suffered a severe stroke last year, and I can’t seem to get my energy back after caring for him nearly 24/7. While he’s improving slowly, I’m struggling to carve out any time for myself. I miss my friends and some of what I used to enjoy doing.  ...

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Seniors and Sex

Westborough_Home_CareRecent trends in sexual activity among seniors indicate that the taboo topic of seniors and sex can no longer be ignored. Not only can sexuality assist in combatting loneliness and depression as we...

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